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Living in the Midwest during the winter is no joke, especially if you’re a self-professed “Sun Goddess” and love warm weather.  As it gets darker earlier and the sun rises later, you may begin to feel sun-deprived and wonder how you can keep up your work out routines when you don’t even want to go outside to brave the cold.  This has been my struggle for years now!  As I coach patients in my weight loss center, I have listed the TOP 5 POINTERS to help successfully navigate staying healthy and fit through the winter.  Here are the keys to help you fabulously “Live Well By Design!”

The Road Ahead

1. Stick to a schedule (pencil in your work outs)

Set your phone alarm for your favorite group fitness class.  Schedule your workouts in your daily calendar to help you avoid skipping the routines that keep you feeling energized and strong.  Additionally, your endorphin’s or happy hormones produced by your brain will increase and you’ll be less likely to develop seasonal affective disorder.

2. Keep your gym bag packed and stay organized

Basket of Supplies

I don’t know how many times I’ve been late leaving the house because I couldn’t find something I was looking for.  One way to combat this is to keep a basket for extra hats, gloves, etc. near the front door where it’s accessible and ready.  This is a great way to locate your winter items.  Moreover, try to leave keys, water bottle in the same location so you can find them easily.  In other words, be prepared for whatever your day may entail!

3. Find a community of accountability and support

Community Runners

Facebook groups, running clubs, and partner ups are extremely resourceful when you need a bit of motivation or gentle nudge to get you off the couch. They provide challenges and may be an excellent way to help you get out of your comfort zone.

4. Use exercise DVD’s and YouTube videos

Exercise Videos

Gym memberships are an asset to good health routines.  But let’s be honest, they make a fortune each winter as memberships soar with our resolution to lose weight each New Year. With each passing day we fall off the band wagon and are guilty of not showing up day after day.  Need I remind you that we pay whether we go or not.  Why not just pop in an exercise DVD or tune in to YouTube in the comfort of your own home?  You don’t have to get dressed to warm up the car or stand in line for the treadmill or other cardio equipment.  There are some really effective routines out there, and remember the best exercise is simply the one that you will commit to!

5. Summer bodies are made in the winter

Bikini Body

The best bikini bodies on the beach started working out months before hitting the sand.  In addition to exercise routines, don’t forget to maintain a nutrition plan that provides energy dense foods rich in fruits and vegetables.  Stay hydrated and take vitamins and minerals to fuel your body with the micro-nutrients it needs to fight diseases and strengthen your immune system.

Fruits & Vegetables

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